“I was captivated from the first paragraph and held hostage until the last!”  —Sherri McDuffie, An Unexpected Rescue


Lester McFarlin, known throughout the south as the “Redneck Sherlock Holmes,” solves so many homicides that his boss, Sheriff Adams, dreads an expanded and expensive investigation on every assignment. The newest case seems cut-and-dry but as Lester digs deeper he uncovers a criminal enterprise that has tentacles extending from Hot Springs, Arkansas to New Orleans. Afflicted with a severe case of dyslexia caused by a car wreck when he was 5-years-old, Lester seeks the help of a beautiful speech therapist, Debi Green. From a gun fight on their first date, to a fight to the death in an airboat blasting through a swamp in Louisiana, the couple puts their lives at risk. Ferocious battles on many fronts combine to attempt to stop a former beauty-queen-turned-crime boss, dead set on turning Hot Springs into her private dynasty of evil.


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Published by Smoking Gun

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