On a stormy night in September of 2007 Chris Zacharius and three other divers recovered a single engine plane from the restricted dive waters of the Silver Banks between the Dominican Republic and the Turks and Caicos Islands. It was loaded with valuables that had belonged to the dictator Rafael Trujillo. In 1961 Trujillo could feel the hot breath of his countrymen on his back and knowing the end was near, he was moving his assets to a nearby island.

This was a valuable find for Chris and his fellow divers Mit Kruger, Gretchen Viertbauer, and Angel Dominguez. Unless they could pull off moving the plane to Turk and Caicos territorial waters and then filing a salvage claim without being arrested by the Dominican Secret Police all their work and years of research would be lost. A young beautiful attorney, Lucero Earnhart, who had a history with Chris, came to their rescue on Grand Turk. One of the Dominican Secret Police officials fell hard for Gretchen and left his post to join the group who had found out that a three billion dollar treasure was still out there somewhere.

The quest for this huge fortune takes the group to the mountains of the Dominican Republic, to Haiti during a rebel war, and to a cave to rescue one of their group kidnapped by an army of drug smugglers led by Jon Jon Vieux who practiced the evil version of voodoo. The last piece of the puzzle requires a trip to Europe to interview an elderly engineer who worked directly with Trujillo. After the discovery is found there is a major gun battle as several competing factions attempt to take it away from them. The story is an epic adventure that is fun, sexy, explosive, and blends historical facts into legendary fiction.


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